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Apps for iPhone to help you record and improve snoring

Do you snore? If you’re not certain, there’s a snoring app for that.
Some apps let you have an idea of how severe the snoring is. They can also analyze each night of snoring, letting you test the effectiveness of certain treatments and see how determinants such as medications, alcohol or caffeine, for example, impact snoring.

Snoring is not always dangerous, but it can be, and can also lead to more serious health conditions in the future if not handled. Click here if you would like to find out more about Snoring.

iPhone apps to help you improve and record snoring

Snore Report

Here is a free app accessible on iOS devices that help you monitor every heavy breathing. It records during the night to detect any snoring sounds. In the morning, the app provides an overview of the previous night’s recording. Users have an audio playback and a Snore Score, an index of snoring intensity. The app offers a compelling snore detection algorithm that gives greater accuracy for detecting snoring. Users can add remedies or circumstances that may impact the quality of their sleep into the app before going to sleep. Over time, users can evaluate what factors have influenced their snoring and make the necessary changes, or if a particular therapy or medical attention might be needed.

Snore Lab

There is a free version, and it lets you record, measure, and follow your snoring, allowing you to find ways to treat and reduce it. It’s easy to use; just set it close to your bed while you sleep and examine your results in the morning. It records samples, provides you with a score for the severity of your snoring, records sleep statistics, and also renders information about snoring remedies. The free version is an excellent way to trial this app, however, after three sessions it will no longer work for two consecutive nights without upgrading.

Snore Control

This app, also offering a free version, records every snort and talking at night, and either adds to statistics or initiates the “stop snoring” function which, on the iPhone quiets you down with a sound or vibration. This app lets you record only snoring and also allows you to modify the sound sensitivity according to the sound conditions in your bedroom.

Sleep Talk and Snore Recorder

This $1.99 app claims it can assist you to find out if you snore or talk while asleep, and can even help you determine if you sleep walk, grind your teeth, or groan. There is not a continuous recording during your sleep but is only registered when the sensing technology identifies a sound that reaches a sensitivity level of your choice. You can go back to previous nights and compare data.

MotionX 24/7

This $.99 app has a sleep tracker technology that claims to be within 95 percent precision of professional sleep monitors used at clinics. It captures snoring recordings and other sounds during the night. It also monitors your daily activity level, along with your heart rate and body weight.



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